Guild Wars 2 multiplayer rpg online game review

Guild Wars 2 is a multiplayer role playing game that can be played online. It was made by ArenaNet and published by NCSOFT. The game setting is based on a fantasy world called Tyria. It follows the reincarnation of Destiny’s Edge once dedicated to fighting the elder dragons that captured Tyria since Guild Wars 1. This happens 250 years after the defeat by Great Destroyer. The awakening of the five elder dragons has brought a widespread destruction and caused restlessness to the inhabitants. guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Multiplayer Online

The humans present are in decline after fighting the charr who have reclaimed their home (Ascalon) from them. Jarmog, the Elder dragon has forced norns, the Nordic hunters in the north to move south. The first awakening by the minions of the first dragon namely Primordus, has also forced the technologically advanced asura in the west to live above ground. The asura are neighbored by the new slyvari in the forests who appear unaffected. The Cantha continent is featured to the south having been cut by a political climate and reinforced by Zhaitan`s navy. There is an on going fight at Elona between the lich and the crystal dragon. This area also features a selective organization of spies called Oder of Whispers. The isles have been wiped out due to the re-emergence of the Kingdom of Orr. The mission is to re-unite the members of Destiny’s Edge since their combined strength is needed to fight the elder dragon, Zhaitan. After that the palyer joins the new group to fight Sylvari, Scarlet Briar, the creator of enemy groups. In season 2 the player is sent to the Maguuma to fight Modremoth with the help of Destiys Edge and other heroes. 
The game features a ripple effect present in the event system which allows the player to go on quests using different approaches. It also features a more dynamic combat system that enables synergy between professions. It also activates the environment into an arsenal and makes the magic style kill more easy. It comes with no subscription fees. It has a modified proprietary game engine in terms of a real time environment in 3-D, improved animation and enhanced graphics.dragon The player can create a character from five races and eight professions which determines the type of skills to be accessible. The races featured are charr, humans, norm, asura and slyvari. The professions are classified into armor classes namely; scholars, adventurers and soldiers which range from light to heavy armor respectively. The game uses a combat system which is skill based where players select only ten skills. The new level cap is at 80 to enable a balance between character development .This also enables the players to evade grind based game play which is associated with high level cap. A scaling system in the player versus environment reduces players stats and level to reflect the monsters level thus maintaining a global difficulty level. The player versus player mode provides e-sport that allows access to all items and skills while providing a fixed level. The game also features a world versus world war which is a large scale combat in a persistent world. The player can practice two crafting disciplines at a time from the eight provided with switching fees. The players can construct weapons and fly in and out as they are rewarded with points for their success.